How to Care for Mink Lashes

Mink Lashes are known for their durability and high quality. To ensure that you get the most from your Last Empress Mink Lashes please read below:


Be Gentle. When removing your lash strips do not tug or pull on the strips.

Remove Glue. After each use, use pointed tweezers to remove glue and place back in original lash box.

Avoid Mascara. Use as little mascara as possible and never waterproof mascara. If needed, apply mascara to natural lashes.



Submerge in water. Never soak your lashes in any liquid... EVER! This will for sure damage the lashes. If needed, quickly rinse lashes and allow them to air dry.

Use oil-based solutions or harsh chemicals that you are planning to reuse. This could cause repelling of eyelash glue and damage to the to the construction of your Last Empress Mink Lash Strips.